Stavola's open New Lubricant Distributor Business

The Stavola's opened Troil South, a master distributor of Sunoco motor oil. Strategically located in South Florida, a full line of lubricants are offered in both bulk and package forms. In addition, Troil South offers a complete line of industrial solvents and chemicals enabling them to be a complete supplier for all your fleet requirements. They are presently distributing products and services throughout central and southern Florida.

In 1995, the Stavola family opened a lubricant distribution business called Troil Enterprises.  Through the success of Troil Enterprises, the Stavola*s opened a new lubricant distribution company in Pompano Beach, Florida called Troil South.

For many people in Florida the name Stavola has become synonymous with success in thoroughbred horses, Brangus cattle breeding, and mining.

During the 1970*s, the Stavola*s began MJ Stavola Farms, Inc., located in Marion County with thoroughbred horses & Brangus cattle breeding. As they acquired land for their farming operations, they purchased an inactive mining property and soon began their first mining operation in Florida under MJ Stavola Industries selling FDOT Certified limerock roadbase.

As MJ Stavola continued to grow, the Stavola*s purchased Amcar, Inc., the parent company of Dixie Lime & Stone Co. in Sumterville and Southern Materials Corp in Reddick, Florida. Dixie Lime & Stone products include FDOT Certified limerock roadbase and stabilizer base along with limestone used by the power generation industry. Southern Materials products include calcium carbonates which is used in many industries such as livestock animal feed fillers, roof shingles, the cosmetic industries and many more. It was only a matter of time the Stavola's soon founded Natural Resources of Central Florida in Sumterville which eventually became part of Stavola*s joint partnership with Old Castle to form American Cement Company.

In summary, the success of the Stavola*s in Florida continues with the addition of Troil South, LLC. This growth can be attributed to being service oriented and taking pride in the service they offer to their customers. At Troil South their fully trained and qualified staff is committed to provide their customers with products and services that positively impact their operations. Their expertise and industry knowledge coupled with the understanding of demands their customers place upon their equipment allow them to be one of the most versatile distributors in the lubricant industry.

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